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Spring Branch Church of Christ

Texas Law for Ministers, Elders, and Deacons

Table of Contents

  • Marital Property Rights
    • Classification of Property
    • Changing the Character of Property
    • Spouses Power to Deal with Assets
    • Rules of Marital Property Liability
    • Homestead Rights
  • Marriage
    • Conducting a Marriage Ceremony
    • Minors
    • Void and Voidable Marriages
    • Informal/Common-Law Marriages
  • Divorce
    • Grounds for Divorce
    • First Stage of Divorce
    • Second Stage of Divorce
    • Division of Property
    • Custody of Children
    • Wife's Name Change
    • Role of Clergymen
  • Child Support Enforcement
    • Income Witholding Order
    • Contempt Proceedings
    • Arrearage Judgment
    • Enforcement of an Out of State's Child Support Order
    • Enforcement Tool Through the Texas Attorney General's Office
    • Relationship Between Child Support and Child Custody
  • Child Abuse and Family Violence
    • Reporting Child Abuse
    • Protective Orders
    • Violation of a Protective Order
    • Child Custody by the State
    • Where to Report Child Abuse
  • Wills and Probate
    • Purpose of a Will
    • Types of Wills
    • Dying Without a Will
    • Probate
  • Privileged Communications of the Clergy
    • Definition of Clergymen
    • Who Can Claim the Priviledge
    • Priviledge as it Applies to the Confidentiallity of Mental Health Information
  • Clergy Malpractice
  • The Church's Ad Valorem Tax Exemption
    • Qualifications for Exemption as a Religious Organization
    • Types of Exemptions
    • Date of Determination for Eligibility
    • Application for Exemption
    • Denial of Exemption Application
  • Potpourri of Questions and Answers
  • Disclaimer

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